Meet us!

James Moore is a gifted children’s book author and illustrator. Her first book, My Brother Z Bear, addresses questions around autism in a touching and engaging manner that is designed for children to understand easily. As a devoted parent of an autistic son, M. James Moore understands the challenges of explaining the complexity of autism to a young audience better than most. When she found herself unable to answer her four-year-old daughter when she asked why her brother was different, she knew that it was high time to reframe this important conversation in a way that children of all ages could understand. As a result the fun-loving and inquisitive character, Z Bear was born. 

M. James Moore headshot

Z Bear is a friendly little bear on the autistic spectrum who goes on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way, he makes a series of new friends, each of which is differently abled and adds an exciting dynamic and unique perspective to the story. 

James Moore’s mission is to promote diversity, inclusion, and acceptance through her very special series of lovingly illustrated children’s books. She knows how important it is for autistic and differently-abled children to see themselves represented in writing and art, which is why she strives to expand her series and take Z Bear on many more adventures of discovery and empathy in the future. 

More Z Bear adventures coming soon!